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My practices to ensure you receive the best help...
My therapeutic approach is Person Centred. I work with everything my clients wish to bring
to therapy, allowing our relationship to build, non-directive. Trusting and working with my
clients to work through the changes they wish to make, whilst looking at their life
circumstances head on.

Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a safe, confidential and supportive place
to explore where one is, where one has been and where one would like to be in the future,
helping one to develop their resources and move forward.

We all, at some point in our lives, need space and a person to talk to. A
person removed from immediate family and friends, to provide a non-judgmental

My clients are central to my work, and my practice was born from the desire
to help people feel empowered, happy and fulfilled in their lives, wherever they are and
whatever they are doing. A true desire to help work on the changes my clients wish to

Counselling fundamentally provides an opportunity to identify and explore problems or
issues, you may be experiencing.  Our sessions may enable you to see things more clearly or
differently, helping you explore choices that may be available to you and thus help make your own decisions or changes in your life.

I also integrate other therapeutic methods where these might benefit the client e.g.
breathing and relaxation techniques, gestalt, existential and psychodynamic.
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